Once upon a time...

The Catimini story


The founders

In 1972 Catimini is born.
The brand is created by Monique and Paul Salmon.


Catimini travels.
The brand owns 50 stores and is represented in 40 countries.

Catimini has fun

For its 20th birthday, Royal de Luxe creates a magical merry-go-round that is full of surprises.

Catimini in Paris

The 2000 ft² showroom is opened to the public in a ‘30s era Parisian street. This is also the year the 100th store is opened.

Catimini conquers the globe

From Belgium to Australia, Mexico to Tahiti, Saudi Arabia to the United Kingdom, Catimini becomes an international brand, thanks to its 114 stores worldwide.

Catimini grows up

Thanks to the development of new licenses (shoes, glasses, wallpaper and bed linen), Catimini broadens its range and strengthens its position as a children’s specialist.

A story embroidered with adventures

Catimini achieves a childhood dream: to sponsor a mother elephant and her baby. In partnership with Elefantasia, a Laos-based charity, Catimini adopts an elephant expecting a baby in 2012!

Catimini grows up

Catimini is 40 years old and still has childhood dreams!
To celebrate its anniversary the brand multiplies the major events throughout the year: 40 exceptional dresses are specially created as works of art to be unveiled throughout the year. Many contests are organized, including one to go to Laos and meet the Catimini baby elephant. The brand still shows its good humor and unique style through the fabulous exhibition "Rétro-Prospective" which recounts a sensory and colorful space as proof of an outstanding brand. Now, more than ever, Catimini tickles its fancy and imposes its atypical world filled with curiosities and wonder!

Poetry extract

Catimini launches its first eau de toilette. A floral and fruity fragrance that embodies Catimini’s colorful, bold and creative fashion!

Catimini still on an adventure!

Catimini revamps its stores, broadens its ranges, and challenges the future!